Snow is the element of nature that can be the metaphor of the movie world . When it snows things start to shine in a different light, the sound of daily life seems to go down like in a sort of magical silence that leads you into another dimension, the same thing happens when you go inside a movie theater. As snow crystals that are unique and different from each other, the Snowflakes Production wants to create projects that know how to stand out the emotional impact and elegance of stories. The goal is to talk to the audience every time in a simple, original, direct way. Our idea of production is to combine the Italian creativity with the American and European way of work to entertain the audience with fascinating stories. Snowflakes Production puts its passion and its professionalism to the attention of the public to make projects that can satisfy the desire of waking dream, that can give a stunning visual experience and make everyone able to think about the (extra)ordinary life that surrounds us through the stories that we watch.