The third shortmovie by Carlo Fracanzani tells, through a brilliant comedy shot in Venice, a story where sometimes what we most desire is all the time in front of our eyes without being noticed. If we are too worried to idealize our lives and we think only about how to make them perfect and flawless, then we risk to loose the wonderful opportunities that life can bring to us, just because we are too busy on chasing chimeras. Some women can identify with Claudia, the protagonist, some others with her friend Francesca, two girls with opposite characters that clash and confront themselves during the story, leading the audience to an ending that may not be so obvious. The title “Bubbly” is a metaphor for an ideal world in wich we would like to live, because we can protect us from fears of failure or of not being able to take risks and get involved, but the ordinary life teach us that it’s better to get out of this mind bubble and start to consider the possibility that there is always a way to take a chance on our destiny.